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17 Handbags No One Will Believe You Found on the High Street

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17 Handbags No One Will Believe You Found on the High Street

There was a time when a love for vinyl was a reference to your sizable record collection, but now this historically risqué fabric has entrenched itself in the mainstream (well, the fashion mainstream anyway). Wipe clean and high impact, every item of clothing you could think of has been given the vinyl treatment—from trousers and coats to skirts and accessories—instantly transforming any run-of-the-mill item into a serious statement piece.

The vinyl-ambivalent can rest assured that there are plenty of ways to work this look without looking like a bin-liner. If the idea of stepping out in a pair of vinyl trousers terrifies you then there are plenty of high-shine accessories around that will allow you to dip your toe in. Take your cues from Harriet Stewart who elevates her denim dungarees with a pair of red patent boots. Or, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, then the vinyl midi skirt is the thing for you. The secret is to keep the rest of your outfit simple a la Lisa Aiken (think white tee and heeled boots) and prepare to turn heads. Scroll down for our full edit of vinyl outfits.

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